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Virtual Office Service for Limited Companies in Ireland

Company Formation Dublin is the one-stop-shop for everything you need to register a company in Ireland.

Our Virtual Office Service is built for business owners who must collect mail and have a central location for business correspondence.

When you set up a company in Ireland, you also need to have a registered address in the state because this is where all the company’s registers and documents are kept. These documents need to be available for inspection by interested parties and authorities. Our virtual office in Ireland caters to this requirement.

It’s important to note that the registered address can’t be a post office (PO) box, so it is very common for business owners to outsource to a Registered Office Agent (ROA), such as us.

It has to be an actual physical address located in Ireland. This address is where all your correspondence with the Companies Registration Office (CRO), as well as legal notices and other important mail related to the company, will be sent.

Your company’s Registered Office Address will be visible on the public record. The Registered Office Service is an excellent solution if you use your residential address as a trading address and want to keep it private.

The Difference Between a Registered Office Address and a Business Address

According to Irish corporate law, you must provide both addresses when setting up a Limited Company in Ireland and registering your company with the CRO.

Registered Office Address

A Registered Office Address is your business’s official legal address, and it must be monitored regularly. Since all important legal notices from the CRO are sent there, it’s a common practice for this address to be with your accountant.

Business Address

A business address refers to the place where business correspondence should be sent. For example, if you’re running an online business, working from home, or managing a remote team from abroad, you can outsource your address requirements to a virtual office provider.

This means that all your business mail, including invoices, bank statements, notices from Revenue and mail from your clients, will be received on your behalf and forwarded to you.

Trading Address

It should be mentioned that the Business Address Service doesn’t imply that your business trades at this address. You’ll need to inform Revenue about where your daily business takes place when registering the company for tax.

What can be used as your registered office?

As it has already been mentioned, your registered office address has to be located within Ireland, and it has to be a physical address.

If you’re an Irish resident, you can provide your residential address as your registered office address but don’t forget that it will be publicly visible on the CRO website.

But in case:

  • You’re running an online business and need a physical address for your legal and client correspondence
  • You’re working from home and are reluctant to disclose your address to the public
  • You’re working from a co-working space which doesn’t allow you to use their address
  • You and your team are working remotely from somewhere in Ireland or abroad

You should consider using the Virtual Office Service and avoid any further complications.

How to change your registered address?

It’s essential that you notify the CRO about every change to your registered office address in a timely manner. Your company secretary can do this for you.

According to Section 51 of the Companies Act 2014, if documents are sent to or left at the registered address, they will be considered delivered, even if that’s not the case.

In other words, if you fail to notify the CRO about changing your registered office address, you can suffer serious consequences. You can easily miss important information, notices or letters.

Don’t forget that official letters from Revenue Commissioners or documents from the court are among your official mail, so make sure that you get hold of them and take the necessary action.

What does the Virtual Office Service offer?

A Dublin 2 Address – “Your Company Name” 71 Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2

Every company incorporated in Ireland is legally obliged to have a physical address within the Republic. If you want your business to come off as credible, professional, and established, a registered office address in the country’s capital is exactly what you need.

The privacy of your home address

It’s perfectly OK to keep your home address private and not make it publicly available. Yet, if you’re working from home or are running an online business, this can be a problem, because you’re legally obliged to register a physical business address with CRO. The Virtual Office Service overcomes this obstacle and lets you maintain your privacy while being compliant with corporate law.

Promptly handled correspondence with the CRO

Timing is everything in business, especially when it comes to handling sensitive correspondence with the CRO. The Virtual Office Service ensures that all your correspondence from the CRO and Revenue is scanned and forwarded to you on the same day.

It has to be stated that this service won’t help you qualify for an Irish VAT or a Corporation Tax Number.

The fact that you’re using this service doesn’t prove that you’re trading in Ireland or that your business is centrally controlled and managed in Ireland. Revenue takes these two criteria into consideration when evaluating your tax registration applications.

Purchasing the Virtual Office Service

If you need both the Registered Office Service and Business Correspondence packages, you can opt for the Virtual Office Service.

The Virtual Office service is an add-on feature of our popular Company Formation Service. Opting for this service means that you’ll have a registered office address and a business address that will be entered in the forms necessary for setting up your company. Apart from the Virtual Office Service, additional company registration services to make your life easier include:

  • Company Secretary
  • Company seal
  • Register a business name
  • Bond for non-EEA/EU resident directors

If you need any information on how to set up a Limited Company in Ireland, stay compliant with corporate law, or how to manage your business and registered office, we can help you with all that and much more. Rely on our years of experience and expertise and ensure you comply with every requirement the law imposes.