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Startup Guide to Company Formation in Ireland

Over the past decade, Ireland has established itself as a great place to start a business in.

With a low corporate tax rate of 12.5%, double tax treaties with more than 60 countries, an excellent infrastructure, state-of-the-art internet connectivity and a well-educated workforce, Ireland attracts business owners worldwide.

Another upside which makes Ireland a Startup mecca is its straightforward company formation procedure. Still, there are some challenges and legal peculiarities that have to be taken into consideration.

That’s why residents and foreign investors could use a hand when setting up a company in Ireland for the entire process to be a seamless and stress-free experience.

The benefits of choosing Accountant Online and our Irish company formation package

Although the process of registering your company in Ireland isn’t the most complicated thing in the world, there are numerous details to pay attention to. To eliminate any potential legal and other issues, hiring professionals who will take care of everything for you and protect your best interests is a good idea.

Our Irish Company Formation service includes

Dedicated company support
You won’t have to do anything on your own as our Company Team will be there for you every step of the way during the company formation process. Instead of dealing with legal paperwork, you can focus on more important things, such as finding clients and making a profit and leave the red tape to us.
Certificate of Incorporation
This document is issued digitally by the Companies Registration Office (CRO). It’s evidence that your company has been incorporated in Ireland. In other words, it shows that your company meets the requirements of the Companies Act 2014 and that it has been registered under this Act.
Company Constitution
A Constitution is a formal document which establishes the rules for effective corporate governance. Every company in Ireland needs to have a written Constitution adhering to the Companies Act 2014. This document is required for registering an Irish Company. With Accountant Online, you won’t have to draft the Constitution yourself, as it’s part of the Irish Company Formation Package.
Creating Share Certificates
A Share Certificate is a document which is legal proof of the ownership of corporate shares. It is used for keeping a record about the number of shares every particular shareholder owns and is co-signed by the company’s Director and Secretary.
Maintaining the schedule of company officers
Every Irish company needs to have at least one Director and a Company Secretary. Accountant Online maintains a Schedule of Company Officers, which is a list of all the company Directors and its Secretary.
Maintaining a secure digital Company Register
All Irish companies are required to have a Company Register, which contains a record of all the important documents about your company. We house a digital version of these documents, so that they’re available to you at any time.
CRO fees
All the fees for your Incorporation papers and procedures are included in our total price, so there are no unpleasant surprises and hidden costs.
Conducting a company name check
The name you choose for your company has to be unique. However, the CRO doesn’t check the proposed names in advance. If yours is too similar to an existing company name, or if it isn’t in compliance with CRO rules and regulations, you can face an objection post-incorporation. We will thoroughly check your proposed company name and make sure that it’s not conflicting with an already registered one or a trademark.

Here’s what we offer:

Express service

Less than 1 week. That’s how long it usually takes to incorporate a company with our help. Our membership in the Fé Phráinn scheme ensures that the entire registration process is efficient, smooth and hassle-free. It’s our mission to help you register your company and bring your business idea to life as swiftly as possible. 

Free company name check

You can slow down the registration process if you choose a company name that doesn’t comply with CRO regulations. Also, if your proposed business name has already been registered or trademarked, you risk being subjected to a name infringement action by the person who claims to have the right to that name. We can check your proposed name against all the existing registered names and ensure it complies with the CRO.

Dedicated Company Team

Registering a new business can be very exhausting, overwhelming and stressful. Especially if you have never done anything like it before. Accountant Online has got you covered. We’ll provide you with a dedicated Company Team ready to jump in and navigate you through this demanding process while taking the stress out of the equation.

Award-Winning Chartered Accountants at hand

Running a business is a risky venture, and it’s essential that your financial matters are taken care of properly. As the winners of the Irish Accountancy Awards two years in a row, we are your best choice in registering your company and managing your business finances.

Qualified Chartered Secretaries

Our cross-border expertise promises that the process of forming your company will be seamless. You can make things even easier by outsourcing your Company Secretary role. Our team of well-versed Chartered and Certified professionals will make sure that your Annual Returns are filed on time, help you maximise your tax deductions, and ensure that your company complies with all the rules and regulations.

Non-EEA resident Director expertise

Since many entrepreneurs come from around the world to start a business in Ireland, we specialise in making this process as seamless as possible. We assist non-EEA residents to set up their companies and be in the know about Irish Company Formation procedures.

Get ready for incorporation in 5 steps:

  1. Collect and provide personal information about your Directors, Company Secretary and shareholders, including their PPS numbers, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and occupations.
  2. Decide on your proposed company name. It’s a good idea to come up with several options in case your first choice is rejected.
  3. Provide a Registered Office Address in the Republic of Ireland. This will be your official address where all your correspondence with the CRO, as well as legal notices and all important company documentation, will be sent. That’s why your Registered Office Address must be a physical address in Ireland and not a post office (PO) box. It’s worth mentioning that this address will be visible on public records. So, if you want to protect your privacy, you don’t have to use your home address for these purposes, as we offer a Virtual Address Service. This service is also a viable solution for overseas entrepreneurs who don’t have a physical address in Ireland and still need to have a Registered Office Address.
  4. Think about how many shares you want to issue. In our opinion, the best way would be to issue 100 shares of €1 in value and to have 100,000 authorised shares, so that in case you decide to issue shares later, you have many of them at your disposal.
  5. ID verification process. During the process of registering a Limited Company, you’ll be required to provide a certified copy of your ID and proof of address. Documents that can be used for the verification process are your passport, driver’s licence, utility bill or bank statement that isn’t over three months.

So, if you’re still interested in getting a company up and running in Ireland, Accountant Online can be your reliable partner.